We deliver what we believe in. Providing great taste, healthy, hygiene home-style food to countless people every hour. We compete with our own Food.

Everyday we raise the bar to achieve newer heights to delight our clients and consumers in the workplace, educational institutions, Factories, hospitals and Government Sectors as well. Our consumer focus is driving the development and innovation in the variety of foods that we offer. More and more organizations are choosing to outsource their food service to us. They know that by doing so they can fully focus on running their work place.

We can help you with Bulk: -

  • Office Lunch, Snack, Dinner
  • Office Buffet Setting
  • School Meals
  • School Buffet Setting
  • Food For Industrial Canteen
  • Food For Factories
  • Food For Hospitals
  • Food For Govt. Sectors
  • Food For Educational Institutes
  • Mid Day Meals to Govt. Schools
  • Food For Hotels / Restaurants
  • Food For Guest Houses
  • Meals In Hotels

Saundhi Khushboo bind people together and fill your lives with immense happiness. We at Saundhi Khushboo promises to recreate the magic of Home Style cooked fresh delicious food by turning our learning into legacy. We deliver what we believe in.

Welcome us on board!!!